Loaves and Fishes NEEDS our help

Please pick up some items while you’re shopping.  Items specifically needed:  canned soups, boxed meals, paper products, toiletries, laundry soap, etc.  Please check expiration dates, as all expired items will be discarded.

Acolytes Needed for St. Alban’s Worship Services

Calling all people, children and adults, 3rd Grade to 100 years old! St. Alban’s needs volunteers as acolytes during church. It is a great way to contribute to the church, get community service hours for your school, and it’s lots of fun to be part of the service. Are you interested, but worried you won’t know what to do? No problem! We provide training for you to go over everything you need to know. Interested? Contact Kathy Pierce at jepkap13@comcast.net or 724-516-9078.